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The Billionaires' TeaParty - created by the Koch brothers to manipulate the conservative and religious right, who are easily panicked and angered into voting against their own interests.

  • Barb Vogds

    A Republican Vote is for The Koch Bros. REMEMBER TO VOTE BLUE IN 2014 & 2016. It's for US & the FUTURE!!!

War profiteering, tax cuts for the super rich and corporate welfare! This is what we need to Cut Out!

CORPORATE WELFARE ITS KILLING THIS COUNTRY!! Corporate tax loopholes and offshore banking are costing trillions in lost tax revenue. | These are the real "welfare queens".

When Women Stand With Rush Limbaugh This Is What They Stand For

Darrel Issa, hypocrisy is thy name. and a flat out criminal

For those who say "it has nothing to do with race" or " don't play the race card".....One Republican telling it like it is.

Straight to the point…