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Summary: Students will make sentences using all the letters in the alphabet to describe things they see in the library. Genre: Children's Humor Writing Techniques: vocabulary, library learning, ABCS Writing Trait: Word choice, sentence fluency, and conventions are all taught through this book by making sentences and pointing out things in the library in ABC order. Farmer, Bonnie, and Chum McLeod. ABC Letters in the Library. Montréal: Lobster, 2005. Print.

Summary: "There are many kinds of courage," the narrative begins. THis is showing different ways kids can have courage. Genre: Family Read Writing Techniques: growing up, courage, everyday things Writing Trait: The ideas in the book help children understand the importance of having courage and believing in themselves. Waber, Bernard. Courage. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 2002. Print.

Summary:A young boy is proud of having caught a jar full of fireflies, which seems to him like owning a piece of moonlight. He realizes he must set the insects free or they will die. Genre: Children's story Writing Technique: life of fireflies, word choice, and science Writing Trait: Ideas would work well for this because it shows great clarity and detail in the writing about the tiny insects. Brinckloe, Julie. Fireflies!: Story and Pictures. New York: Macmillan, 1985. Print.

Summary: This book follows two birds as they explore the world of uniqueness. They find that no two things are alike almost but many things in the world are similar but has its own distinct differences. Genre: Juvenile Fiction Writing Techniques: simple sentence, punctuation, rhyming, antonyms, compare/contrast Writing Traits: Word Choice would help with this book because of how the author portrays all the birds. Baker, Keith. No two alike. New York: Beach Lane Books, 2011.