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Escape tunnel under rock.

#Garbage Bags: Why they Should Be in Your Survival Kit. Protection from the Elements (rain) poncho or ground sheet, (shelter) cover. Wind breaker, (insulator) under clothes, (Heat) shade. Collect (Drinking Water) (Signaling) for Help. (Window covering) darken your windows at night -

Fallout Shelter Handbook: Cover by wardomatic, via Flickr

extreme hypertufa | Garden face rocks, gnome rocks, hypertufa sculpture, outdoor decor ...

1961 Fallout Shelter (Anyone trying to light up a cigarette in MY shelter is getting thrown out to the Zombies!)

Rock here rock there and the garden rocks! Fake Boulders- how to make rocks

Survival is all about finding food, water, and shelter where ever you can. shel·ter  (shltr) n. 1. a. Something that provides cover or protection, as from the weather.

Purple House painted rock