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Chaunté Vaughn

These are just wonderful photos! And the flowers are just so great. Very pretty! These are really nice... my favourite being the second one I think. Lovely work! Lovely photos, kids are just amazing. it's funny, but at the moment I'm painting dogs with flowers like that. and don't be sad, I'm sure…
Tiffany Beveridge
Tiffany Beveridge • 1 year ago

For their very first play date, Quinoa presented the royal baby with a handmade floral crown and an on-trend nickname: Sir Twiglet. #MIWDTD

  • Morgan Babka Gable
    Morgan Babka Gable • 41 weeks ago

    @Phil Gable our eldest in a few years?! Striking resemblance.

  • Sherry Conrad
    Sherry Conrad • 38 weeks ago

    @Jane Kaufman Sir Twiglet? BAHAHAHAHA!

  • Leslie Schor
    Leslie Schor • 24 weeks ago

    I know the mother of this model. I'm just curious, how will the children feel to be an unwilling participant of a parody? These kids consent to modeling, not sure that they'd like to be in a book where their images are mocked. While I appreciate your writing, I'm wondering if you get consent from parents and children? Or do you just get consent from photographers?

  • Tiffany Beveridge
    Tiffany Beveridge • 24 weeks ago

    Hi Leslie, thanks for your comment. The photos I'm using in the book all have the photographer and the model permissions, so there are no unwilling participants. The photos I use here on the board are ones I have found on Pinterest. If a model or parent is unhappy about their image on the board and contact me, I will remove the pin immediately. I hope that clarifies and thanks again!

  • Joanne Allsup
    Joanne Allsup • 13 weeks ago

    I enjoy your parodies; humor at the ridiculousness of "children as Accessories" makes the craziness almost bearable.

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