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Borax snowflakes - we are so doing this around winter :)

Marshmallow Science Experiment...what happens to marshmallows in different liquids

(supervised of course) - TEABAG ROCKET: Amaze your kids! How it works: “Everyone knows that hot air rises and this experiment demonstrates that idea as well as the principles of convection currents. As the tea bag burns, hot air is being created, as well as a thermal, or convection current, under the bag. When the tea bag burns down into a small enough ball of ashes, the convection current causes it shoot up in the air.” [Quoted directly from Steve Spangler Science.]

Crystal trees: An exciting science project for the class to observe! Easy to find components and a great tutorial here.

Make a CLOUD! Fun science activity for kids. For younger children, this will have to be a demo (aerosol hairspray or blown out lit match is needed in a glass jar), but the children can still observe and record their Scientific method steps and can 'touch cloud' afterwards! :)

Water science for kids - Learn about water in a hands on way with experiments, art, literature and more.

Science for kids - fun way to get kids interested in chemistry!