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Summer Hairstyles That Defy Humidity: 9 Pretty, Easy Looks

Forget about misbehaving kids; it's your hair that gets most out of control in the summer. Humidity makes curls wig out and straight hair lie flat and play dead. Meanwhile, the last thing you want to do is spend time styling your strands — the pool/beach/BBQ/running through the sprinkler with your k...
Erica Struble
Erica Struble • 2 years ago


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Twist your hair away from your face and back as if you would put it into a pony right then. Pin it with a bobby pin. -Do it to the other side. -Pull your hair back in a messy pony. pull the bobby pins out of each twist. {They should stay in now that they are in the pony tail.} - Grab a piece of hair from under your pony. -Wrap it around your elastic a few times, then pin the...

#Braids...three ponies, braid, then twist into bun and pin.

Braided pony. My mom use to do this on my head when I was little I hated it but now it's soooo cute.

Twist your pony in two parts before pinning it up. | 19 Ways To Take Your Top Knot Game To The Next Level

Ponytails. score! Pin now read later

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Here’s what ya gotta do. 1. Part your hair, wherever your part happens to fall naturally. 2. We’re starting with the weave-braid-ish thing at the top. Grab a chunk of hair from either side of your head, I took mine from the vicinity of around/right above my ear. Give each chunk a couple of twists, maybe spritz with a little water or product if your hair is especially slippery, and then cross them, right over left, in the back of your head. 3. Grab two more chunks, this time from lower–I did behind/below the ear. These will make the second/lower weave and basically hold your ponytail in place. Twist them a time or two (i find twisting them–but not supertight, just once or twice–gives the braid a little definition.) and spritz. Cross these over the same way you did the first ones, with right side on top of left side, and then combine them with the first two chunks. You should now be holding a piece of hair in your right hand, a piece of hair in your left hand, and still have a lot flowing free at the nape of your neck. 4. Now we’re going to make the ponytail. You can do it two ways: use a ponytail holder, whihc will be covered up by the crossed-over pieces, or just use your hair has the ponytail holder. If you are using a ponytail holder, gather the remaining hair and make it into a low ponytail, below the crossed-over stuff we did before. (Probably easiest to have a friend do this while you hold your crosses in place still.) Then, wrap the ends of your crossed-over-pieces around the ponytail holder by crossing the one on the leftside, underneath the ponytail and then across the top, and then cross the right side underneath and then back over top. Cross them both under again, combine them, and use a bobby pin or two to hold them under the ponytail. (TO do this, put the hair in the bobbypin and then push the bobbypin upwards, or upside down, into the ponytail holder.) Good luck. ♥

Try this. 2 elastics. 1 at the scalp - high pony second at the end of the hair. Join the ends into the center of the first and pin.