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'Better Ingredients. Better Pizza. Better Get A Second Job'

Having an internet meme created in your honor is as easy as one, two, three: (1) start a pizza chain; (2) tell people that you plan on passing health care reform’s cost on to customers; (3) tell everyone you plan on cutting workers’ hours so you don’t have to insure them. And presto pizza, we presen...
Sonora P
Sonora P • 1 year ago

Papa John's Anti-Obamacare Meme

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Sad but true. Boycotting Papa John's Pizza, this guy's a glassbowl.

Multi millions in corporate greed. Papa Johns Pizza.

Papa John says Obamacare will cost him 8 million to cover his employees, roughly 14 cents per employee. \ A study by FORBES found the cost to be more like 5 cents. Papa John's is presently giving away, FREE, 2 million (2,000,000) pizzas which is estimated to cost the chain $ 24,000,000-34,000,000 dollars (which is 3-4 years of healthcare if you believe inflated cost). | I don't eat at Papa John's but if I did, I'd pay more to ensure healthcare for more people. #PIZZA_FAIL

Oh, how true!!!

Best Of The Gordon Ramsay Meme – 24 Pics

Best Of The Gordon Ramsay Meme – 24 Pics

Best Of The Gordon Ramsay Meme – 24 Pics

I live in Louisville, near John Schnatter. I wondered how long it would take for this to become news. This information is true, and I have lost all respect for him as a business leader in our community. Boooooo on you John!!!

This is your brain