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A Puppy For Putin: Japanese Akita Pup Given To Russian President

Call it a goodwill gesture, a political ploy or both, but Russian President and dog-lover Vladimir Putin is welcoming a new pet: a two-month-old Japanese Akita puppy of the same breed as the famous Hachiko!
PetsLady • 2 years ago

A Puppy For Putin: Japanese Akita Pup Given To Russian President ... #pets #animals ...

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  • RESCUED! Is My Favorite Breed.

    Thanks! Although it took me a bit to figure out Where to find your article. Sending us directly to your posted article would have been easier. At first attempt to follow your link I thought it was mis-lead. But I knew it had to be there somewhere since you tagged us specifically. If you had put this as the link, it would have made more sense (to me anyway)

  • RESCUED! Is My Favorite Breed.

    I would have re-pinned from there right away, but from your main page, it creates a bunny-trail... I am being sincere, not criticizing. I was touched deeply by your article. Thanks so much.

  • PetsLady

    Oops, thanks so much for the tip. I am still trying to figure out how to work with Pinterest. I still have not figured out whether you need to be following a person or whether they need to be following you to be able to send them something. Also, does it have to all their posts or just one board. Wish there were better instructions. So thanks for the help and tips.

  • RESCUED! Is My Favorite Breed.

    I agree, better instructions would be great, or at least a layout on how the #'s work. No you don't need to be following them (or them you) to send them something. Just use the @sign in front of their name like you did with me. they will be notified rather you are friends (follower) or not. My biggest problem right now is my Followers # is increasing and I'm getting WAY TOO MANY 'LIKES' on my personal product. Not that I mind being liked, but they are spammers. I am worried they will start using my copyright stuff for their 'Link" fun. I've been reporting them, but gosh I almost can't keep up :(