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I Have/Who Has Place Value to the Hundred Thousands. Includes printables!

Rounding to Hundred Thousands

2.NBT.3 Place value, expanded form, and word form....

LOVE this and it's FREE!!! Students will spin their way to learning about expanded and standard forms of numbers. This is a fun, interactive way to learn about place value to the thousands place. Students will spin, write in expanded form and write in standard form on the included writing boards. $ #education #math #placevalue #expandedform #standardform #composingnumbers #lifeoverscs

Place value slider box "What number is in the thousands place?" "How much is it worth?" Part of a numeration notebook project $

Place Value Hundreds and Thousands Freebie! Roll it! Make

FREE Place Value Quiz or Review 1,000-1,000,000. Use these four pages of material to review or quiz your students on basic place value concepts. Concepts covered include: Number Form, Expanded Form, Word Form, Comparing Numbers, Ordering Numbers, Base Ten Skills, Rounding Numbers