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Denise Rene' Stephenson

The mountain man's dinnerware was simple, usually consisting of a kettle for cooking. Others may be so lucky as to have a plate, a tin cup, possibly a spoon, and the ever present butcher knife. This was the extent of the individual trappers' dinner-ware. The practice of eating off a butcher knife was common and continued on the frontier until nearly the turn of the century.

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Rendezvous Trade Goods~Vermillion was a type of pigment & was widely prized by the Indians. Beads, brass rings & bracelets were imported EXCLUSEVELY for the Indian Trade. Knives, blankets, copper & tin kettles, lead, gunpowder & food were traded to both trappers & Indians. WHISKEY was a Very Popular Trade Item at Rendezvous, Traded by the FUR COMPANIES like Hudson Bay of course, the Trapper Lived for the Yearly Rendezvous, & would go out to do it again for next year!

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The Mountain Men Would Trade for Leggin's & Such with the Indians at Rendezvous; Some took Native American Brides who would make the Mans Clothing.

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