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Japanese Maple: so astonishingly beautiful against the ash gray it looks other worldly.

Sorbus aucuparia - Rowan/Mountain Ash.

Beech trees have a distinctive, smooth gray bark that resembles the skin of an elephant. The bark is used as a tea for lung problems, including tuberculosis. It is also cleansing to the blood, through pregnant women should avoid it. Beech bark tea make a good wash for poison ivy. Beech leaves are used in poultices for burns and for frostbit

birch trees

The Alder Tree Third tree in the Ogham cycle and a tree of water and fire. This magical tree has its roots in water & burns with fires of wisdom. its attributes are foundations,confidence and creativity. Alder tree can be used in all spells of success. Because the pith is easily pushed out of green shoots this tree can be used for making whistles.They can be used to summon the spirit realms.

The bark of the root of apple trees is used for fevers. Apples-rich in magnesium, iron, potassium, and Vitamins C, B and B2, reduce acid in stomach, cleanse liver, promote restful sleep. Peeled, relieve diarrhea, stewed unpeeled a laxative. Baked apples can be applied warm as a poultice for sore throats and fevers. Unpasteurized apple cider will restore the correct bacteria to the bowels after antibiotics.