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Robert Johnson
Robert Johnson • 1 year ago

image from the National Geographic Documentary Extraordinary Animals in the Womb

  • Eden's Gate Design
    Eden's Gate Design • 1 year ago

    Is it a dolphin if isn't born yet?

  • Tiffani Rayne
    Tiffani Rayne • 35 weeks ago

    Edin's Gate Design is sure is a dolphin, even though it's still in the womb it's DNA proves that it is certainly a dolphin.

  • Sandra Montgomery
    Sandra Montgomery • 35 weeks ago

    Hmmmm. So a human baby that isn't born yet is a human? So if scraping this gorgeous animal out of the womb, killing it would be unthinkable why do we turn a blind eye to the millions of babies murdered?

  • Tiffani Rayne
    Tiffani Rayne • 35 weeks ago

    Sandra, that seems a bit of a random point. I am prolife so I'm not sure who you were addressing with that comment.

  • Sandra Montgomery
    Sandra Montgomery • 35 weeks ago

    More an addition to the convo between Eden's Gate and Tiffani - and hoping to highlight the obvious bias pro choice have when it comes to wildlife vs human life in this condition. That's all. :)

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