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Please tell me this is a hoax!! If this is true #Monsanto is going to start #killing #American #citizens for exercising their #constitutional #right to #freedom of #speech. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!

Dang! I can't tell if the government or Satan had anything to do w/ the price of gas at the pump. Either way - boooo!

  • AndyeAndinha Niakan & Friends

    the government or Satan... now that is hilarious... that price is terrible. good grief! I remember when $8 used to fill up my very eco-friendly Toyota. Now, the poor thing guzzles half this price despite the car being small enough to fit in my purse!

  • Esquire Photography

    I'm picking up what you're throwing down. Rio is not as economical as it seemed a year ago even. Crazy I say!

  • AndyeAndinha Niakan & Friends

    I'm reading about an airtax in London. good grief... I'm a bit concerned. My whole year is full of travel for bands, media, etc...

  • Esquire Photography

    That's crazy about the airtax, but WHEW FREAKIN HEW!!! about the travel!!! I'm totally excited about all your travel and the content you're covering too! :-)

Mom Punches Skateboarder In The Face After He Accidentally Runs Into Her Kid. A. Why was an underage child running around a skate park unsupervised? B. The skater didn't see the child - he was in the middle of his line & IMMEDIATELY apologized. C. I bet this mom blames everything & everyone else for her son's behaviours. Read more:

Landed at my dr & hoping for a creative diagnosis of my injuries from getting smashed into last week. Hehehe!

‘The $#*! Kids Say’: A YouTube Meme That Isn’t A Joke. Having grown up in this environment & survived it - I'm happy to see more awareness being brought to such a hard world. Kudos to the team of people that put this together!

Since Amendment 1 passed in North Carolina... Is this what’s next? Good to know I'm viewed as a 2nd class citizen there. Way to go North Carolina! Not.