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producers, consumers, decomposers worksheet

Producers, Consumers, And Decomposers--great pictures!

Producer and Consumer sorting game

Here's a terrific food chain game that can be played on an interactive whiteboard.

Describe how the flow of energy derived from the Sun, used by producers to create their own food, is transferred through a food chain and food web to consumers and decomposers

Here's a nice anchor chart on producers and consumers.

Kid's Corner - Decomposers Page

Students sort and match pictures with labels into three categories to show what they have learned about Producers, Consumers, and Decomposers in a food chain! Reinforce and assess their learning by using a fun cut-and-paste activity! $ #foodchains #energy #animals #insects #livingthings #magnifyingthescienceclassroom

Free Food Chain Card Game

Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational: Food Chain War [printable card game] -- great idea for 7th grade. Make it a bit more complex for them (producer, detritivore, primary consumer, secondary consumer, tertiary, etc.)