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Sacred Rose Sigil Generator

black rosy cross | black and grey sleeve tattoo design Miguel Angel Custom Tattoo Artist ...

Allegory of the Five Obstinate Monsters 1575 - 1618 Anon

Count St. Germain

MS. Ashmole 1789, frontispiece: 'Primi Quatridui Mysterium'. The triangular figure has sentences from the Holy Scriptures inscribed in gilt letters on its blue border; within it is a diagram of the Ptolemaic system.

Dragon devouring a lizard, from Cyprianus. Ink and watercolour showing a red-winged dragon wearing a gold crown and devouring a lizard. Between the two figures is a snake entwined around a cross with a skull and crossbones at its base. From Cyprianus, 18th century. Cyprianus is also known as the Black Book, and is the textbook of the Black School at Wittenburg, the book from which a witch or sorceror gets his spells.