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Junkyard Planet by Adam Minter – review

Isabel Hilton: A journey around the world's scrapyards is far more gripping than you might expect • 32 weeks ago

Junkyard Planet by Adam Minter – review

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I found this image because it reminded me of the centennial light bulb over in Livermore. The fields of burnt out bulbs surrounding the one lit bulb reminds me of just how many bulbs I calculated were wasted. I can't help but wonder how much money was made off of the backs of all the waste produced. Hopefully we realize that quality is more important than quantity soon, I'm not sure the planet can take much more waste being piled on it.

This is a picture of the technological dump sites in Ghana. The trash sites in the documentary we watched in week 5 were probably the most memorable and haunting moments for me, and I felt I should pay my homage here. As the news article attached states, people work in these fields despite the multitude of health problems associated with them because they need the money. I wonder what Ghana looked like before we turned it into a landfill.

This is a collection of electronic junk that is still lying around my house, despite it not seeing use anymore. One of the many problems that stem from living in underdeveloped countries is the fact that these countries become landfills for all of our junk. My family is not contributing to this problem very much, considering how much junk is just lying around the house. I wonder if this is really any better than throwing it out though.