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Debra Gordon
Debra Gordon • 1 year ago

Apophyllite is an aid to meditation and helps make a conscious connection with the spiritual world. It has been used to help in firewalking and astral travel. It is said to one see the truth and then act on it, and is an energy stimulator. Folklore says that It relieves tired eyes when placed on the eyelids. When placed on the third eye chakra, it enhances clairvoyance and mystical vision. Apophyllite is associated with the crown chakra.

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Peacock Ore. “The energy of Peacock Ore is associated with the Crown Chakra and is a wonderful aid to help increase psychic abilities. It helps one to enhance their inner knowing, strengthens perception and helps you trust what you see psychically. Peacock Ore can be used to help break up energy blockages and to open and cleanse the Crown Chakra and is a wonderful meditation aid.”

Fluorite ♥ Truth ♥ Consciousness ♥ Aura cleansing ♥ Intellect ♥ Protection Fluorite is a mineral composed of Calcium Fluoride. Chakras - Heart Chakra, Throat Chakra, Third Eye Chakra Zodiac - Capricorn, Pisces Typical colours - Colorless, white, purple, blue, blue-green, green, yellow, brownish-yellow, pink or red.

Phenakite stimulates and activates your inner vision, the crown chakra, third eye chakra and pineal gland.

Andalusite: Key Words: Akashic Record, Connected to Earth. Chakra: Root(1st), Third Eye(6th) Element: Earth, Ether Helps one to feel closeness to the Earth. Energy healers can use this stone to help heal those suffering from loneliness, depression or anxiety.

Tremolite is one of the high vibration crystals, and resonates with a powerful energy. Its energy is felt within the highest chakras... and is particularly noticeable at both the third eye and crown chakra. Its energy is known to help you to open new pathways in the brain, allowing you to access the morphic field of knowledge.

Papagoite - Is said to bring optimism. Historically it has been used to bring peace and purity. It helps one speak with clarity. It is also used for thought projection. In meditation, it can help bring one to a euphoric state of oneness. It is associated primarily with the third eye chakra, but also aligns all the chakras.

Aquamarine: This stone has the calming, soothing energy of the sea. This is the stone of courage. Tranquilizing, uplifting, openness, innocence, lightheartedness, creativity, communication, self-awareness, confidence, purpose. Throat, Spleen, Heart Chakra. Used for protection on journeys, especially those who travel on water. Affects etheric and mental levels. Helps stabilize and harmonize unsettled surroundings. Helps reduce fears.

Anandalite crystal: a variety of Quartz. -Stimulates & activates the entire chakric colimn, allowing awakening of Kundilini energies & to activate ones light body. -Opens the third eye & crown chakras so one is aware of the true nature of their being & connect to group consciousness. - Works on heart chakra, emotional releases bringing about feelings of Divine Joy & Divine Bliss. - Stimulates creativity

Iolite - Third Eye Chakra Intuition, self expression, helps with addiction.

Tibetan Quartz exhibits powerful Om vibrations. They are attuned to the esoteric knowledge and ancient wisdom of cultures of the East and are helpful in healing practices to bring energy to a certain area or chakra on the body. Aids in deepening spiritual meditation and balancing chakras and meridians. Tibetan Quartz can often have black inclusions of carbon within it, incorporating Mother Earth’s powerful grounding energies.