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Katherine Boening
Katherine Boening • 1 year ago

The world will break your heart 10 ways to Sunday. Silver Linings Playbook

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The world will break your heart ten ways to sunday. Silver Linings Playbook

Boy Meets World…

mind, heart & eyes -- wide open

"Ohhh this is a perfect sentiment for the often misunderstood,feared, and still belittled the highly sensitive person. Misunderstood by a closed mind/heart , feared by those who relate well in their world of logic and not a lot of emotion and belittled by those who can't see that being sensitive is not a weakness - in all the sorrows of this world - is STRENGTH! being-sensitive-is-a-way-of-life."

It might not be a perfect love; it might not have been meant to last. It might not ever mean anything; it might have more problems than it's worth... But a part of me will always love you...

Be who you are are, not who the world wants you to be

peace, purpose, hope