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Jackie • 2 years ago

Best Tan Recipe EVER!

  • Melanie Jones
    Melanie Jones • 2 years ago

    Sounds harmless enough for this pasty white chick! might give this a try!!

  • Deb Surdyke
    Deb Surdyke • 2 years ago

    Wonder if this REALLY works.. Someone be bold enough to try it and then post abt it!

  • Karen Gibson
    Karen Gibson • 2 years ago

    I tried it but could not tell much overall color difference, I used a sugar scrub in the shower first, then put lotion on my ankles/knees. Final result: blotches of color on my ankles and knees but not much anywhere else. ( I used a 'mist' spray bottle and kept applying it, then rubbing it in.)

  • Danielle LeBlanc
    Danielle LeBlanc • 2 years ago

    It does work (I am naturally VERY pale) but it's a pain to apply, drips everywhere and stains everything-wipe up any drips ASAP! I ended up making an even more concentrated batch and mixing it with lotion, so it's more diluted, and use it as an everyday "gradual" tanning lotion.

  • Brandy Hassis
    Brandy Hassis • 2 years ago

    yeah i also tried it recently and didn't know much of a difference, and im not the tannest person ever to say the least (although have some color that could be why) i didnt see much of a difference and i really couldnt tell when it was "off" or still on my skin. so anywho i looked up a lot on it before so ill keep trying and see! something i did notice if you want instant color for a day was mixing some lotion with a bit of coco baking powder! saw the color fast and smells great :] good luck!

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