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Tami Smith
Tami Smith • 48 weeks ago

I Am the dust in the Sunlight. I Am the ball of the Sun. I Am the mist of Morning, the breath of Evening. I Am the spark in the Stone, the gleam of Gold in the Metal, the Rose and the Nightingale drunk with its Fragrance. I Am the chain of Being, the Circle of Spheres, the scale of Creation, the Rise and the Fall. I Am what Is and is not. I Am the Soul in All --Rumi (art;e11en♥vaman)

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✣ ...If you are seeking closeness to the Beloved, Love everyone. Whether in their presence or absence, see only their good. If you want to be as clear and refreshing as the breath of the morning breeze, like the sun, have nothing but warmth and Light for everyone. ✣ Shaikh Abu-Saeed Abil-Kheir arT © e11en ♥ vaman 517

Holy cards

::: The Abraham-Hicks Emotional Guidance Scale ::: this is an excellent tool to see where you are and work your way to higher vibrational levels if you want. You do this by shifting your thinking but you first must notice how you are really feeling ❤

Set aside a space for yoga and meditation, with focus on breathing.

We have the innate ability to manufacture a great many more vitamins & minerals than is currently possible. It is the lower frequency of our heart that is leaving us undersupplied with self-made nutrients ~ Don't forget what I told you about sunlight; to watch the sun in the morning & the evening, because watching the sun can actually set your physical, ethereal, & spiritual hearts into a harmonic resonance ~ Love Without End Jesus Speaks

✟ There is a place where voices sing your beauty, A place where every breath carves your image in my soul. ~ Rumi ♥

✣... Love cannot be described. It must be Tasted. ✣ Rumi arT; e11en ♥ vaman 1254

Rumi. I love him.