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Kiersten Morales
Kiersten Morales • 43 weeks ago

Best reasons to get detention EVER

  • Christopher Hayward
    Christopher Hayward • 39 weeks ago

    No matter how you slice it, they're hilarious. Kids will be kids.

  • Dana Jones
    Dana Jones • 36 weeks ago

    @ Barry Johns Wow, what a jerk you are. I have a 12 year old daughter with a quick wit, a great sense of humor, and wonderful teachers who make being in the classroom lots of fun. She learns a lot and without being bullied into it. She never gets in trouble in school, has never had detention, has never been sent to the principal for discipline, and is NEVER physically disciplined at home or anywhere else. I would personally beat the crap out of anyone who laid a hand on her. Discipline is a word based in learning and being a student; it has nothing to do with punishment physical or otherwise. I sincerely hope you are not a teacher. Most of these made me laugh; I think some of these teachers need to buy themselves a sense of humor while others were justified and the one with the Km mile issue was just an asshole. I have lots of teachers in my circle of family and friends and none of them think that learning "should not be fun." How stupid is that comment anyway? Why can't learning be fun? Kids respond to things that are interesting and keep their attention rather than boring lectures and rote memorization. They need to be engaged and stimulated. OK, off my soapbox now. Great post by the way :)

  • Tina Brown
    Tina Brown • 34 weeks ago


  • Kris Johnston
    Kris Johnston • 32 weeks ago

    Good. Job !

  • Charlene Colón
    Charlene Colón • 22 weeks ago

    Everyone is an expert at being a teacher, until they actually become one. We all "know" what a teacher does until you find out what we actually do. Yes make mistakes and yes to surprise many, we are human! Being a great teacher doesnt magically happen if you are over 30, it comes with time, practice, and learning.

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