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Veronica Marra
Veronica Marra • 1 year ago

In Mexico and Texas tales are told of a ghost known as La Lechuza,“owl” in Spanish. Also known as the “Witch Bird.” Folkore says that she was once a curandera (woman who practices folk medicine to cure physical or spiritual illnesses) that was exposed as a witch and killed by the townspeople, but returned to seek revenge in the form of a human-sized bird with a woman’s face. Sometimes, she is the ghost of a woman who was widowed by a man who remarried, or was the wife of an unfaithful husband.

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Walking with crows. Badh is the crone aspect of the triple goddess the Morrigan. She teaches us to meet and accept our fate. Life is seen as including many paradoxes so death rests as a valid process within the cycle.

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Carlin was the Scottish Goddess who embodied the spirit of the eve of Samhain (Halloween), the night the year turned to winter, and the ghosts of the dead roamed the world of the living

Paisley Scripture Bird - would look great on canvas or journal page!

Sirin and Alkonost, birds of joy and sorrow, Victor Vasnetsov, 1836. Sirin is a mythological creature of Russian legends, with the head and chest of a beautiful woman and the body of a bird (usually an owl).

Fairy Tree. You will see these all over Ireland. Usually a Hawthorn, but sometimes Ash or Oak. Ghosts and spirits hang out here, so you'd never go near one at night....and no one would EVER dream of cutting one down! Sep 2010

Zashiki-warashi are house spirits, fond of mischief, loved by all, and believed to bring great fortune and riches to those whose houses it haunts. They appear as ghost-like five or six year old children... They are considered guardian spirits of the house, and gods of luck & a house that drives away such a spirit will fall into decline and ruin... These spirits may befriend the children of the house & keep elderly or infertile couples company.