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More like this: tapes, balls and candies.
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Kurt Weber
Kurt Weber • 1 year ago

Tape Ball Game! Wrap candy in layers of saran wrap to form a large ball. One kid gets to peel back the layers to get the candy until the next person can roll a double on a pair of dice. Then it's their turn to unwrap for candy. It's a mad dash for sugar!

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This would be fun with kids OR adults. The ball is made up of candy (or you could use small prizes), packing wrap (like saran wrap, only sturdier), packaging tape, etc. The GAME is that while one person is unwrapping, the person next to them is trying to roll doubles. They get doubles, they get the ball, and the dice pass. Whatever you unwrap before you have to pass, you keep. FUN!

Candy Ball Game by : Sounds like great fun ! To make the candy ball:I used about 75 pieces/ packages of candy. I used all sizes and types. To start the ball, I used a large jingle bell elf as the center. (It was fun for the kids to hear the jingle inside as they pulled off layer after layer. The closer they got to the center, the louder the bell jingled)I wrapped it in bubble wrap and taped it with packing tape.Then I placed a piece of candy on the ball that was forming and wrapped it up with shrink wrap (the sturdy wrap used for packing and moving) I would not recommend saran wrap as it is not sturdy enough.I continued this process of placing a candy on the wrapped ball until it was a little larger than a basketball.Every few layers, I would use tape to seal up the recently wrapped layer (this made it a little more challenging and I recommend doing this)To Play the game:A player hold the ball and starts removing the layers.The player on their left is rolling 2 dice as fast as possible in an attempt to roll doublesWhen the player to the left rolls doubles, they pass the pan and dice to their left and the ball is passed to them.They tear as many layers as possible while the player to their left is rolling the diceAnd so forth.As the layers are removed, the candy starts to come out. Players keep any candy that comes out during their turn.This took us about 20 minutes with 24 students playing.This was fast moving and kept their total attention.Everyone got at least 1 piece of candy.To make this more challenging, have players wear gloves. If you plan on using gloves, you may not want to use as much tape when assembling the ball.S

Press and seal wrap instead of taping everything.

Seminary At Six AM: Christmas Candy Ball Game

bags for the pinata and candy ball game. I then stapled it up and sent it home with them.

Minecraft party

Candy cakes. could turn into party favors as guests leave

The Cotton Ball Game’ (pictured). “Two guests (or more) at a time are blindfolded and try to spoon cotton balls from the bowl on their lap into the bowl held on top of their head. They only have 30 seconds to get as many in as possible. It’s pretty tough since the cotton balls are almost weightless on the spoon and it’s very funny to all the other guests who can see that they are scooping up nothing but air most of the time!”

For all the parents with cute little toddlers running around. You probably remember making this as a child, and now it's time for you to make it with your child. Enjoy ♥

Now THIS is what I am talking about!!! Our district's math curriculum is Investigations Math, and it includes many games where the students have to roll two dice. Problem: Sometimes it drives me crazy when the kids roll their two dice and they fly to opposite sides of the room... Solution: Roll the dice in this cute container! (There really is enough room for the dice to roll inside there.)