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Mary Rose

Lice seem to have become immune to the medicated treatments sold over the counter. More people are turning to items in their homes to get rid of lice. One method of killing lice is using Listerine mouthwash. According to, the alcohol in the mouthwash may be toxic to lice.
Emily Brown
Emily Brown • 1 year ago

How to Kill Lice With Listerine |

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I know this is gross, but every year the school has an epidemic of lice, and inevitably (especially if you have 4 kids like me), one of them will get it. Sad part is, there are many kids out there that have parents that are not taking care of the pesky problem. Here is a home remedy that anyone can use using mayonnaise. Apparently it suffocates the lice, and makes the eggs come off of the hair quite easily. You can also follow up with tea tree oil sprays, or use regular listerine in the hair as well to keep the lice away. Urban myth?? I don't know, but I don't want lice in my house, and I do not like using the lice treatment chemicals. Besides...isn't mayonnaise good for your hair?? Just remember, the mayonnaise doesn't kill the nits (eggs) it just suffocates the live lice. So you still need to get rid of the eggs. I suggest the metal combs, the plastic one's do not work near as well. You can go to this link to see information on the treatment of lice with Listerine. www.peoplespharma...

Listerine for Lice We have heard from several readers that Listerine can be helpful in preventing lice infestations.

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Sore throat or strep? Mix a little Listerine with a little Peroxide and gargle several times daily until throat symptoms go away. It kills the bacteria. Try this remedy in place of a doc visit and/or antibiotics.

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