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cassidy reardon
cassidy reardon • 1 year ago

I hate when people say horseback riding is easy, its not and heres a quote to prove it. "Equestrians need to have the concentration and ability to judge distance like a golfer, the strength and stamina of a hockey player, and the artistic flow and ability to make a hard thing look easy and elegant like a ballerina." This quote proves that it isn't and easy sport and your have to perfect everything.

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I really want to ride when I look at this pic

True - especially since certain predators like large cats would tend to take down a horse by jumping on its back. Horses are remarkable!

It is NOT 'just a horse,' I KNOW I can do it, my horses are BEAUTIFUL, I do NOT 'just sit there', riding is difficult, it is a very SKILLED SPORT, and PLEASE let me win the lottery, I would love to spend 90% of it on my horses!!

Bridles neatly stored. Can put name of horse above on name plate

"I don't hate you for not loving me, but I hate myself for still loving you..." Don't get me wrong, but when I love-I love completely- and it is what it is!

Things not to say to a equestrian. All of these r true and I hate people who don't respect it!

Think horseback riding isn't a sport? Think again!

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I know some bitches like this. And now you can hate me, because I called you a bitch. And if you think I am talking about're probably right haha.

Somebody gets it! The last one is the worst. People don't understand that its just as much work as other sports to ride a horse.