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Kara Gilson
Kara Gilson • 1 year ago

got an ant problem while camping? Just sprinkle instant grits where the ants are and poof! your problem is gone. Works better than ant killer and it's cheaper!

  • Tina Higgins
    Tina Higgins • 1 year ago

    I tried it. Didn't work.

  • Lesli Madaika
    Lesli Madaika • 33 weeks ago

    I read this & was skeptical. I had a major ant attack in my orchids hanging under my oak tree and thought I'd try it. IT WORKED IN 2 DAYS!! I then sprinkled grits around my planting table in my yard - GONE IN 2 DAYS!! I just use3d it in my kitchen - ANTS ARE GONE IN 2 DAYS!!! Non toxic to cats & dogs and other critters but gets rid of the ants. I've been telling everyone (I live in Florida).

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