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More like this: green leaves, white flowers and leaves.
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Elizabeth • 2 years ago

Cheap, easy and quick to propagate from cuttings, Yucca aloifolia 'Spanish Bayonet', Yucca treculeana 'Spanish Dagger', or even Yucca brevifolia 'Joshua Tree', are great security hedges. They have beautiful and exotically bazaar, stiff leaves, hence the nickname, "Burlars' Nightmare." Their flowers are edible. Read this for for one example of how to use them: www.eattheweeds.c...

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Sleek Line Succulent What could be simpler than growing a solitary multistem yucca in a sleek contemporary container? 'Golden Sword' yucca is aptly named for its variegated yellow-striped leaves with razor-sharp edges. Grow it out of traffic flow to avoid injury to guests but where it will receive at least 6 hours per day of direct sun. A. Yucca filamentosa 'Golden Sword' -- 1

Dasylirion longissimum (Mexican grass tree). Spherical clump of dull green, toothless leaves up to 5 ft. long emerge like a fountain from the trunk, which with age may reach 10 ft. tall. White bell-shaped flowers open from red buds along the narrow flower stalk. Old foliage can be trimmed to reveal the attractive trunk. An excellent specimen plant, safe to plant near walkways.

Fall color for your garden Drought-tolerant evergreens ― chosen for color, texture, and lushness ― fill the garden. They include dwarf agave, Artemisia ‘Powis Castle’, coreopsis, lavender, nandina, rosemary, santolina, and yucca. Layer plants on berms To plant the berms, Walker arranged low-growing varieties at the base and tallest ones at the top so that all plants are in view.

Aloe striata(coral aloe). Smooth gray-green leaves lined with coral-pink have spineless margins and form short stemmed rosettes 2 ft. wide. When grown in full sun, foliage is pinkish, but in cool spots is bluish green. Coral-orange flowers are borne on branching flower stalks in midwinter to spring.

Sedum spathifolium. Vigorous, mat-forming, evergreen perennial 4 in. high and 2 ft. wide with grayish green spoon-shaped leaves on trailing stems. Excellent edging plant. 'Cape Blanco' has silvery powdered covered leaves. ‘Purpureum’ has deep purple foliage.

S. spurium. Ground-hugging succulent with trailing stems and small dark green, bronzy leaves about an inch long. Pink, white, or purple flowers in dome-shaped clusters in mid-summer. 'Dragon's Blood’ has red-margined green leaves that become brilliantly red with cool autumn temperatures. ‘Bronze Carpet' bears rich bronze-red foliage with pink flowers. ‘Tricolor’ leaves are variegated in green, creamy white, and pink.

Yucca filamentosa (Adam’s needle) Develops a rounded sphere of bluish green leaves from a broad base. Curly threadlike fibers peel off leaf margins. 'Bright Edge’ has green centers with gold leaf margins; 'Color Guard' has bold center stripe of canary yellow.

Sweet Brier Rose Bush. Many think it's a weed, but it produces small pink or white flowers and edible fruit. Also makes good security hedge. May get one of these!

X Graptoveria 'Fred Ives' is hardy to 25-30° F. and grows in well-drained soil in full or part sun. X Graptoveria - This intergeneric hybrid develops rosettes similar to Echeveria and yellow-to-pink flowers similar to Graptopetalum and is cultivated for beautiful shapes and varied colors. Easily propagated from leaf cuttings.

Jumbo Sempervivum 'Rococo' Grey green puckered leaves backed and tipped in red. Medium rosette size.