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Philwarner's Arduino-powered 360 Panobot.

Very handy. This little gadget will turn any speaker into a Bluetooth speaker.

Raspberry Pi case instructions, page 8

Add Your Own Battery Backup System to a Raspberry Pi

Biostamp temporary tattoo electronic circuits by MC10. Materials scientist John Rogers and his firm MC10 have developed flexible electronic circuits that stick directly to the skin like temporary tattoos and monitor the wearer's health. The Biostamp is a thin electronic mesh that stretches with the skin and monitors temperature, hydration and strain. Rogers suggests that his "epidermal electronics" could be developed for use in healthcare to monitor patients...

Via Unveils New Small Form Factor APC Android Mainboard - VIA is well known for making small form factor computers and mainboards. The company has unveiled its latest small form factor board called the APC Android PC system. The machine is designed to run the Android operating system is built on a tiny Neo-ITX board.The best feature the system is a miniscule price of $ 49. For that price you get the mainboard running a VIA WonderMedia ARM 11 SoC at 800 MHz. | #Gadgets #Android #Motherboard |

Introduction to Arduino Microcontrollers

An MP3-equipped workout shirt powered by an Atmel-based (ATmega328P) Arduino LilyPad (MP3). #Atmel #Arduino #LilyPad #WearableTech #Wearables #MakerMovement #DIY #MP3

CuBox Pro is an open source mini computer created using a 800-megahertz dual-issue ARM PJ4 Marvell Armada 510 SoC (system on a chip) processor, supported by 1GB or RAM. The CuBox Pro mini PC has no fan and measures just 2 inches square and weighs 3.2 ounces, but is capable of displaying full high definition video.