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Mark Hunt
Mark Hunt • 1 year ago

Battle tested-looking Finnish infantryman, with his K31 Suomi sub-machine gun, on alert for the enemy-- the Red Army's 23rd Corps. Battle of Vuoslami, 4-18 July 1944.

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US Army troops on Mt Austen. . Battle Photos: The Battle of Guadalcanal.

German soldiers Normandy 1944

The Women's Army Corps & Pontiac ad ~ WWII era military inspired ad, 1944.

Canadian Women's Army Corps Unit arriving in Italy, c. 1944 ~

Sergeant Karen M. Hermiston of the Canadian Women's Army Corps, holding a Rolleiflex camera, Ottawa, October 5, 1944. #Canada #vintage #WW2 #1940s #homefront

The Battle of the Bulge 16 December 1944 - 28 January 1945: German infantry advancing during the Battle of the Bulge; two soldiers pass a burning US Army vehicle. The soldier in the foreground is a teenager. His comrade following appears to be much older. By the end of 1944, German manpower was in desperate shortage.

Bastogne, België: Soldiers of the 28th Infantry Division, U.S. Army, march down a street in Bastogne, 20 December 1944 during the Battle of the Bulge.

German mountain trooper in France. Note the edelweiss pin on his cap and the bandolier for MP-40 sub machine gun magazines.

The Woman's Army Auxillary Corps was formed on 7th July 1917, on the table in the open on Trafalgar Square a temporary building was erected for the purpose of recruiting women for the war effort, by Leonard Bentley Flickr