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Mark Hunt
Mark Hunt • 1 year ago

Battle tested-looking Finnish infantryman, with his K31 Suomi sub-machine gun, on alert for the enemy-- the Red Army's 23rd Corps. Battle of Vuoslami, 4-18 July 1944.

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Red Army Scout N. Romanov, armed with sub-machine gun PPSh-41 and four hand grenades RGD-33, 1942.

German machine gun element deploys during street fighting in the Battle of Rostov, undated. The battle for Rostov lasted from late Sept 1941 to almost the end of the year. Rostov was the pivot location from which the Germans began their advance upon Stalingrad.

The perfect propaganda photo of the "Aryan warrior" carrying, in this specific instant, the MP-40 sub-machine gun, 1942.

#Female #snipers of the 3rd Army, Belorussian Front, pose for a victory day photo. Collectively, they scored nearly 700 confirmed kills -- perfect ratio of number of defenders vs enemy killed.

German troops walk past two Red Army KIAs who fell during fighting for this unidentified Ukrainian village, Sept 1941.

Sniper Sergeant Roza Georgiyevna Shanina poses with her rifle on April 2, 1944. She scored 54 confirmed kills, including 12 of enemy snipers. She fell in action on January 28, 1945 during operations in East Prussia.

A German machine gun element deploying the MG-34 somewhere on the Eastern Front, fall 1941. By the beginning of Barbarossa, the German machine gun element had moved from 4 crew down to 2.

German medics offer assistance to a gravely wounded Red Army soldier. Both of the man's arms are smashed. His left arm, still unattended, is obviously in need of amputation. This photo was taken in July 1941, early on in the war with Russia. As the war progressed, assistance to Russian wounded lessened until it disappeared completely. By 1943, all Russian wounded were shot as a matter of routine.

Croatian soldier fighting with the Germans under the banner of the Croatian Division. He carries a M-36 machine gun and plenty of spare ammunition. Note the "potato masher" grenade stuck under his belt.

Finnish Suomi M/31 sub-machine gun with 71-round drum magazine, standard version. Devoloped from 1920 - 1930, in use until 1944.

1st LT Sharon A Lane, U.S. Army Nurse Corps Reserve United States Army. She was killed by a North Vietnamese rocket on June 8, 1969 while attending to her patients at 312th Evac Hospital, Chu Lai, South Vietnam. Lt. Lane was the only American servicewoman killed as a direct result of enemy fire throughout the war in Southeast Asia.