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Mark Hunt
Mark Hunt • 1 year ago

Battle tested-looking Finnish infantryman, with his K31 Suomi sub-machine gun, on alert for the enemy-- the Red Army's 23rd Corps. Battle of Vuoslami, 4-18 July 1944.

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German machine gun element deploys during street fighting in the Battle of Rostov, undated. The battle for Rostov lasted from late Sept 1941 to almost the end of the year. Rostov was the pivot location from which the Germans began their advance upon Stalingrad.

A German machine gun element deploying the MG-34 somewhere on the Eastern Front, fall 1941. By the beginning of Barbarossa, the German machine gun element had moved from 4 crew down to 2.

Red Army sniper Maxim Passard, 71st Guards Rifle Division. He was an ethnic Nanai; the Nanais are an ethnic group living in the Amur region of the (now) Russian Far East. Passard had a record of 230 confirmed kills when he was himself KIA on Jan 17, 1943. On Feb 16, 2010, the Russian government recognized him as a Hero of the Russian Federation (the successor honor to Hero of the Soviet Union).

Canadian rifleman aims at the enemy during the Battle of Ortona (Dec 20-28,1943) Italy, the battle nicknamed "little Stalingrad" due to the vicious close quarters fighting that took place with the defending German paratroopers. The Canadian in this picture deploys the Rifle No.4 Mk1, an evolution of the Lee-Enfield .303 of WW1 vintage.

US soldier packing a "Grease gun", Normandy 1944

WW1: German troops have deployed a heavy machine gun as an anti-aircraft gun in a corner of their trench.

Sergeant Ilya Amelin poses with a German Panzerfaust in the village of Niklasdorf, Silesia. Amelin used one of these hand-held anti-tank weapons to neutralize a German self-propelled gun during an engagement near the village. This photo was shot after the action in order to be included in a propaganda sheet.

Polish Army and Red Army in Moscow parade 1945.

Soviet Red Army prisoners of war over the landscape.. Seemingly indifferent about their situation, as if glad to be taken out of the fighting. There are no guards in sight. Their uniforms suggest summer weather, perhaps mid-, late 1941, when large numbers have surrendered to the attacking Germans (Operation Barbarossa).

German 2 cm FlaK 30 anti-aircraft gun during the Allied Operation Market Garden attack, Arnhem, Netherlands, Sep 1944.

Machine gunner Raymond J. Bowman of Rochester, NY, lies dead on the balcony of a German house after being targeted by an enemy sniper. Bowman was killed on April 18, 1945. On April 2, he had celebrated his 21st birthday. The photographer was the famous war photographer Robert Capa -- who himself was KIA in SE Asia a few years later. Bowman belonged to 23rd Infantry Regiment, 2nd Infantry Division.

Waffen SS troops exchange fire with the enemy in an unidentified Russian village, probably 1942. The trooper on the left background wears a broad smile, apparently shooting a joke at one of his comrades. The insignia on the car behind the riflemen indicate that this is an element of 2.Waffen SS Division "Das Reich."