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Chicomecoatl Goddess of Maize and Food This great ceramic image of the Aztec goddess Chicomecoatl is in the collection of the Anthropology Museum in Mexico City. her name means "7 serpents." Red was her color, and she is wearing a large hat made from wood and covered with bark (amate) paper.

Mexico; Water Goddess; Aztec;

The Aztec earth mother goddess Tlaltecuhtli. Location: Mexico City, Mexico.

A piece of Aztec pottery shows Chicomecóatl, the goddess of corn.

As Coatlicue she is the Aztec earth goddess, creator and destroyer of earth, mother of gods and mortals, the one who gave birth to the moon and stars. But she is also called Teteoinnan, the "mother of the gods," Cihuacoatl, the fearsome goddess of childbirth, Tlazolteotl, the goddess of sexual impurity and wrongful behavior and simply, "Snake Woman." Additionally she is also known as the goddess of fire and fertility, of life, death and rebirth, and mother of the southern stars...

Escultura de piedra basáltica representando a Chalchiuhtlicue, deidad de las aguas mansas ("del agua horizontal") Probablemente sostuvo la viga de madera del vano de una puerta. Encontrada en el área de la Pirámide de la Luna, en Teotihuacán. Pertenece al período Clásico Medio mesoamericano, alrededor de 600 D. de C. Culturas del Altiplano Central, Teotihuacan, México. mcba.

Tlazolteotl (tla-sol-TAY-otl) Aztec Goddess of the Earth and sex. She has four aspects. Waxing moon - she is the young and carefree Maiden, lover of Quetzalcoatl. Full Moon - mother of all. Waning Moon - Great priestess who cleanses the soul and destroys sin. New Moon - old Crone, Goddess of witches and witchcraft. Also known as the eater of filth from her aspect as the Great Priestess She is depicted giving birth in her mother goddess aspect.

Xochiquetzal (Aztec goddess)