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Africa | Kuba Raffia Cloth Detail - Bushoong - Mid 20th century – DR Congo

Africa, Kuba Raffia Cloth - BUSHOONG - Mid 20th century – DR Congo. @Deidré Wallace

Africa | Old Kuba Raffia Skirt Detail - tie and dye - Ngongo– DR Congo | Mid 20th century

Africa | Old Kuba Raffia - Shoowa - Kasai Velvet – DR Congo | Mid 20th century.

Africa | Kuba raffia cloth from the DR Congo | ca. late 20th century

Africa | Raffia cloth from the Shoowa (Kuba) people of DR Congo | 20th century

Africa | Kuba Woman's Skirt. Bushoong People, DR Congo | Early 20th century | Raffia palm fiber, appliqué and embroidery

Africa | Skirt ~ ncaka kot ~ from the Kuba people of DR Congo | Raffia, natural dyes | 2nd half of the 20th century

Africa | Kuba Skirt of Barkcloth and Raffia. DR Congo

Africa | Kuba cloth from the DR Congo | Palm fiber raffia

Africa | Prestige Panel from the Kuba people of the Sankuru River region of DR Congo | Raffia palm fiber, pigments | 20th century