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The Beauty Department
The Beauty Department • 2 years ago

Keep your inner liner from disappearing with this tip on TheBeautyDepartme...

  • Patty Wyza
    Patty Wyza • 2 years ago

    i do this for my eyes.. then i take my finger, and that small crease where your lid touches your eyes, i just wipte it with my finger to wipe off excess shadow.. you have to pull your lower eyelid down to do this.. but it works for me and my eyes dont water.. i would also recommend putting mascara on later :] i do this and it works great!

  • Sarah Coffman
    Sarah Coffman • 2 years ago

    LOVE THIS TRICK! I get asked all day long how I get my eyeliner looking so defined now and then I just tell them about this!

    SKAMPA A • 2 years ago

    my eyes + contacts ≠ this trick

  • Michelle Bracken
    Michelle Bracken • 2 years ago

    So 80's! Reminds me of 7th grade when we shared black eye liner in the school bathroom and would get pink eye from each other! EWWW

  • Morgaine Swann
    Morgaine Swann • 1 year ago

    I'm always a little nervous about what I use on my waterlines, but I wear liner there most of the time. I'll have to try the powder trick some time when I'm not going out to see if it makes me cry. I'm usually OK unless I use something with fragrance in it.

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