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Stephan Betins
Stephan Betins • 1 year ago

I made this cake for the GI team where I work. It is similar to a cat litter cake but obviously uses a bedpan instead of a litter box. It is vanilla cake and red velvet cake broken into pieces and firmly placed in the bottom. Then it is vanilla pudding with crushed vanilla oreos. Then chocolate pudding with crushed chocolate oreos. The top pieces are Baby Ruth bars microwaved for 15 seconds and then formed. Finish with a few swipes of chocolate pudding on the edges.

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Litter Box cake that my daughter and I made for her 13th birthday. It was SO good. Here is the recipe: . It is actually really yummy but rich! It has double chocolate cake layers with chocolate pudding in the middle, cool whip on top, crushed golden Oreos with food coloring and Hersey kisses.

1 pan of baked brownies cut into small squares One 6 oz. package of chocolate pudding 3 cups Cool Whip 1 package of Heath Bars (broken into small pieces) save a few to garnish the top Make the chocolate pudding according to package directions. Fold into the chocolate pudding 2 cups of cool whip. In a large glass dessert bowl layer the brownies, pudding, Heath Bar. Repeat layers and top with a cup of cool whip. Garnish with small Heath Bars.

Cat Litter Cake! start with a new, clean cat box and scooper. then put crumbled chocolate cake with globs of chocolate pudding and softened tootsie rolls on top. looks real, but tastes yummy :]

Mock Wendy's Frosty: 80 calories or 2 Points Plus! Blend:1 CUP milk, 2 TBSP Sugar & Fat Free Chocolate Pudding Mix, 1 TSP Vanilla Extract, 1 TSP Unsweetened Cocoa, 1/2 TBSP Splenda (2-3 small packets), 2 TBL Cool-Whip Free (optional), 7 Ice Cubes

Halloween parfaits - vanilla pudding, orange sprinkles, and crushed oreo

Red Velvet Cake Batter Brownies (which i highly recommend frosting with COOL WHIP cream cheese frosting!)

Ice Cream Cake - lay down ice cream sandwiches on a cake pan, spread whip cream over, drizzle Carmel and chocolate then top off with crushed snickers and milky way. Homemade ice cream cake perfect for a birthday:-)

cat litter cake

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Halloween Polka Dot Cupcakes - with Reeses cute and so simple!