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The REAL Neuroscience of Creativity

The latest findings from the real neuroscience of creativity suggest that the right brain/left brain distinction is not the right one when it comes to understanding how creativity is implemented in the brain.
The Better Brain Center
The Better Brain Center • 38 weeks ago

The Real Neuroscience of Creativity. So yea, you know how the left brain is really realistic, analytical, practical, organized, and logical, and the right brain is so darn creative, passionate, sensual, tasteful, colorful, vivid, and poetic? No. What if this is totally wrong. I'm sure this impacts on ADHD - not sure how

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The Real Neuroscience of Creativity | Beautiful Minds, Scientific American Blog Network | Thoughtful cognitive neuroscientists are on the forefront of investigating what actually happens in the brain during the creative process. And their findings are overturning conventional notions surrounding the neuroscience of creativity.

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