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Large-scale deforestation of the Sumatran rainforest to make way for palm oil plantations is destroying the orangutan's home.

Pinned down while they painfully yank feathers from them. It takes about 75 birds for one comforter.

Poor little girl.

cihangirheartofre... I cannot believe that this poor sweet dog had the will to live through this abuse.

  • Karen Leah

    Someone had to be aware of this abuse ... we all need to speak up and not shut our eyes or our mouth .... Let's be that voice for them...

  • Linda Boag Moores

    I do wonder about the mentality of people who first...abuse a dog like Rosalie and second...those who avert their eyes and do nothing.

This is truly vile.


  • Patricia McCarthy

    In the weekend I defended with such velocity a girl with her dog from two arseholes with a raging pitbull, they both back down after me yelling about their lack of morals for 10 mins. I hate so much all this

The Major of a city in Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil, called Alto do Rodrigues, determined the slaughter of 26 healthy dogs.This senseless murder was witnessed by a local authority, that has made a video of the dumping of the bodies of the 26 dogs on a garbage site, and is now being threatened for opening the information to the population. We, brazilians, need international support. www.thepetitionsi...

Luke Mcdugle went to his rent house and found these skeletons. He called the Craig county sheriff, they took pictures and then decided not to do anything. 13 skeletons of dogs that were starved to death. Help expose the Craig county sheriffs department and Sheriff being acomplice's to animal neglect; the dogs lay about ten feet from the sign to elect the current sheriff.

In the midst of our high-tech, hedonistic lifestyle, among the dazzling monuments to history there are the 'black ...boxes.' These are the biomedical research laboratories, factory farms, and slaughterhouses - faceless compounds where society conducts its dirty business of abusing and killing innocent, feeling beings. These are our Dachaus, our Buchenwalds, our Birkenaus. We have a fair idea of what goes on there, but we don't want any reality checks." Dr. Alex Hershaft, Holocaust survivor

The Chief Saunooke Bear Park (CSBP) is a roadside collection of bear pits in Cherokee, North Carolina. At this park, bears are kept in captivity in concrete pits for as long as they live on a totally insufficient diet of stale bread. Some days they are not being fed at all, leaving them in a horrible state of neglect and deprivation. My dearest friends, please take action at once at the following link to help these magnificent creatures: