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  • Mandy Cisneros

    So it's ok to murder an infant so that you can continue your own untethered? What the hell is wrong with you people who think that way? If you can't afford a baby, THEN USE SOME PROTECTION! If you are raped and end up pregnant, that's such a horrible thing to happen, but does that mean it's ok for you to murder a baby who had NOTHING to do with your misfortune? For the swine who don't know the answer, it's "no". Give the baby up for adoption so it at least has a chance at life.

  • Mariane Arlert

    You think that way, i dont. I let people decide what they want but i dont push them to do something they dont want to do.

  • Mandy Cisneros

    So if someone wants to butcher you or rape every one of your family members up the butt, that's fine because you don't believe it's right to tell others to value life? Don't breed you freaking retard.

  • Bethany White

    I think you said that perfectly!! Way better than anyone else could have

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