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The Viennese Doctors' Chamber issued a warning about GMOs: "If such genetically manipulated organisms are released into nature they can hardly be controlled and are also irretrievable. 'They represent a substantial risk to the biological balance of nature', [Piero] Lercher warns. The effects on human health are also undefined. There are hardly any study results and certainly no long-term data, therefore for Lercher 'the principle of precaution should be applied'."

This is scary for the future of the human race !! Avoid eating GMO foods until the long-term studies are completed !!!!

  • Ruth

    this is their plan for us...WAKE UP!!!

  • ۞ Chuck Meyer ₢M

    I don't believe in conspiracy theories, Ruth. The truth of the matter is that selfish greed is the culprit. Monsanto and Syngenta are trying to control and manipulate the food industry with genetic engineered corn, soybean, canola and others by doing some very irresponsible science to get profitable as soon as possible. To get the GMO products on the market quickly they got away with only performing three months of animal studies when good science would dictate 3 to 7 generations of animal studies. And worst of all, Monsanto did NOT perform any human studies or trials with these genetically mutated products and that's what scares me. If you look at three human generations out or in 20 to 60 years, we could find ourselves with negligible or seriously declining birth/fertility rates, since GMO products are currently in just about everything. No, it's selfish greed along with irresponsible science that could very well do us all in. Hopefully, something can be done and soon before the effects become irreversible.

  • Ruth

    I have been trying to tell people about this for over 15 years.

Pesticides don't wash off. Hear what a doctor has to say. Farmers and farm workers get the most, but research shows we are all being exposed through the food we eat, air we breath, and water we drink. Poisoning our food and our children has to stop.

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