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GMO Inside
GMO Inside • 21 weeks ago

How "RoundUp Ready" GMO Corn is Made. Read More Here:

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How RoundUp Ready GMO Corn Is Made. Learn More Here:

Did you know? Pigs and cows fed on a diet of GMO corn and GMO soy have suffered digestive and reproductive disorders. More here: www.nationofchang...

Most Vitamins are Synthetic Chemicals.. Your vitamins could be sourced from GMO corn, like the Nature Made product in the picture. You can find a list of safe vitamins here: www.nongmoshoppin... What supplements do you take? Do they say non-GMO on the package?

GMO animal feed? Yup! GMO corn, soy, cotton and alfalfa make up the factory-farmed cow diet. Look for certified organic products since organic standards prohibit the use of GMOs. Learn more here:

China Rejects U.S. Corn Cargo For Unapproved GMO Corn Variety. More Here:

Because the U.S. government subsidizes the GMO corn ethanol industry, wet distiller grains left over from the GMO corn ethanol making process have become a cheap source of feed for U.S. cattle. Now USDA researchers have found that "E. coli pathogens live longer in feces from cattle fed with more wet distillers grain." Tom Philpott at Mother Jones explains: "In essence, the entire corn ethanol edifice hinges on a product the USDA openly acknowledges boosts the pathogen load in beef."

How and why GMO industry maligned Seralini's Roundup Ready corn and Roundup herbicide study

No GMO corn

China Rejects Another Shipment Of GMO Corn From U.S. Read More Here: