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GMO Inside
GMO Inside • 21 weeks ago

GMOs, Roundup, Monsanto, contamination, super-worms, bees, bans and more! If you haven't been keeping up with the news, here are 5 stories you don't want to miss! If you've read all of these please share this with your friends and family! Source links: 1. www.greenmedinfo.... 2. More

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BREAKING: take the Monsanto stock plunge! Right now, Wall Street invests billions of dollars in Monsanto in investment and retirement funds! Unfortunately, you or your family may be profiting from Monsanto's toxic chemicals and GMOs! Tell your friends and family – Friends don’t let Friends invest in Monsanto! Take action here: #DivestMonsanto #labelGMOs

With Friends Like These, Monsanto Doesn't Need Regulators...Does It?

GMOs Kill Bees: March Against Monsanto's photo. || GMOs are dangerous because of their reliance on chemicals such as RoundUp, not because they're genetically altered.

Smart Health Talk Warning: Know where you food comes from. We can't act like food that has been genetically engineered is not different. The difference is visible and clear...Is anything more needed to prove what you should opt for? It's your life, your health, your family and your wish. Say NO to GMO. Listen to top scientist for GMOs in TV interview. Go here and scroll down: www.smarthealthta... Also find out about GMO labeling legislation.

Unfortunately the majority of the people in your friends list don't know about this so please SHARE!

Pesky weeds popping up in your yard? Here’s what to not reach for—Roundup. See more: www.cornucopia.or...