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Since 1997 Monsanto hasn't lost a single case against a farmer. Keep in mind these farmers all didn't want GMO seeds, didn't want GMO plants and in turn couldn't sell those GMO crops. Farmer Steve Marsh's fight is the next case against Monsanto. Learn more here: www.dailyfinance.... #iamstevemarsh #contamination #GMOs #StopMonsanto

BREAKING NEWS: Western Australian farmer Steve Marsh -#IamSteveMarsh -has lost a landmark case which could have protected his organic status, after his property was contaminated by GM canola from a neighboring farm. More here: sustainablepulse.... #GMOs #contamination Farmers vs Monsanto

If you haven’t heard of Steve Marsh yet, he is an organic farmer in Australia who sued a neighboring farmer for compensation after his field of non-GMO wheat was contaminated by Michael Baxter’s RoundUp Ready canola seeds. He is now appealing the ruling with support of several non-GMO groups. More here: www.nationofchang... #iamstevemarsh #food #organic #contamination #GMOs

Last week we got the bad news that Australian organic farmer Steve Marsh lost his lawsuit to protect farmers from Monsanto's GMO contamination. Read more here: Take action here: I stand with Steve Marsh against Monsanto’s unwanted GMO contamination @food_democracy Pls RT #IamSteveMarsh

Monsanto Can Sue Farmers When GMO Contamination Goes Over 1% Of Their Crop. More Here:


Percy Schmeiser on Why GMO Labeling Must Be Mandated, and has been fighting hard to educate the public about GMO�s and the issues that arise for farmers. He was the first farmer to win a law suit against Monsanto. The landmark case, which went before the Federal Court of Canada, attracted international attention because it demonstrated the power of the farmer. #monsanto #gmo #geneticallymodified