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If you didn't already know this, you must be an asshole

Instagram started selling ads to businesses in late 2013. Advertisers can purchase sponsored photos and videos to show up in news feeds, and users have the option to hide and provide feedback about ads, a pretty good deal for both side...

Umm..don't they overcharge for everything at this place and haven't they done it for years?

Can McDonalds be responsible for the cheapest, most nutritious food in human history?

  • JD Holmes

    This well-written article lacked one thing-a picture of the average person that eats at McDonalds on a regular basis. Something tells me that with this caption you may think twice about saving a few bucks and trading in that veggie burger for a McDouble

Yet again another asshole explosion brought to you by Taco Bell

Maggots I can deal with-but beaver ass droppings? Come on now!

FACT-I was a big fan of Mexican food well before it was cool to like Mexican food

So can many other things Mr. PhD

  • JD Holmes

    See, look how happy this vegan looks as she enjoys her pasta salad with grilled tofu

If LinkedIn skill endorsements were honest, they would look like this...