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That ur the spankin them.. and ur amazing too! Lol I love ur tallness I think it's sexy!

U better watch it!;) an u aint thinkin about me?:(

I love u more! !!!:) u gonna be able to snap chat me? And she aint text me back yet babe what she say to u?

See babe ur mad at me I understand :,( I love u goodnight I'm so sorry :(

yes there is ur not actin rite wats wrong

Lmao well im just gonna have a hand print then cause im gonna bite the shit out of it!;) an lol it will if I put my booty in ur face!;) an they aint lien babe I know they aint! An lmao real funny thats just hilarious I think ur wanting to get spanked!;)

I just asked her if we could she aint text me back yet

Babe don't be wasting ur money on me!!

Oh so yall aint gonna hang out? And if I was there u wouldn be bored;) an what u listenin to?

I love u babe im not gonna leave u just tell me what u did

I want to though babe I aint there to spend it with u babe an it makes me feel bad so I wanna give u somthin

i want cute couple picture like this but with him sitting and showing more of the old truck