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Maria Dolores Fernandez

The Vače situla is a bronze pail, 23.8 cm high, which was uncovered in an Iron Age burial mound at Vače in 1882 by a local inhabitant, and was later included in the collections of the National Museum of Slovenia in Ljubljana. Such pails were popular metal vessels in the early Iron Age, and were also excellent media for art and narrative

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Otter, Late Period or Ptolemaic Period, 664–30 B.C. Bronze or copper alloy - During the Late Period and Ptolemaic times otters were represented in bronzes statuettes such as this one, standing, forepaws raised, atop small bronze boxes. The pose of raised paws signifies the otter's adoration of the sun god when he rises in the morning. In myth otters were attached to the goddess of Lower Egypt Wadjet, whose cult was centered in Buto, in the northern Delta.

Otter side view. Late Period or Ptolemaic Period, 664–30 B.C. Egypt. Bronze or copper alloy

AN ETRUSCAN BRONZE WARRIOR UMBRIA, CIRCA SECOND HALF OF THE 5TH CENTURY B.C. The elongated figure standing with his left leg advanced, his right arm raised, holding a now-missing spear, wearing a high-crested helmet, the plumes incised, the torso flat, wearing a cuirass with a belt and a flaring hem, adorned with stippling on the front and incisions on the back, the pleated tunic projecting below, exposing his genitalia, tenons below the feet 7 13/16 in. (19.8 cm.) high


Statuette of a Warrior, Etruscan (bronze)6th century BC Private Collection.

A Greek Bronze Figure of a Horse, Geometric Period, circa 8th century B.C.

The Etruscan statues (Volterra). 2-3 centuries BC

Bone figurine with lapis lazuli eyes, from Upper Egypt, Early Predynastic period, Naqada I, 4000-3600 BC

Female Figurine from Gezer, Israel sheet-gold, height 4 inches (10 cm) 16th century BCE (Israel Museum, Jerusalem)

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