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yeaverily: Serpentine bracelet, discovered near Corinth, Greece, 4th-3rd centuries BC. “Snakes, traditionally associated with the underworld, were a favorite motif in ancient Greek jewelry, possibly due to the widespread belief in their magic powers.” -The Louvre

5th-4th Century BC: Snake ring

Gold snake shaped ring, 4th century BC.

Roman bracelet, 3rd century, Tunis

Roman bracelet, 3rd century AD, Tunis

Gold snake bracelet with garnet, from the Hellenistic period, 3rd-to-2nd century BC

Chain and Pendant, 200s BC Greece, Hellenistic period, 3rd Century BC

Gold snake bracelet with garnet, Greek-Hellenistic period, 3rd-2nd century BC. From the collection of the Schmuckmuseum, Pforzheim, Germany