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Floyd Gary Clyne
Floyd Gary Clyne • 1 year ago

Guinep - A small, grape-like fruit with a green skin and a large seed surrounded by a thin layer of sweet, fleshy pulp. Read more:

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Mangoes - Jamaican Fruits (Jamaica)

Tamarind is a thick, dark brown or reddish-brown pulp surrounding small seeds inside a hard, brittle bean-shaped pod. The flavor of the pulp is both tart and sweet, resembling a combination of apricots, dates, and lemons. Read more:

Guinep--Small fruit with thin green skin like grapes. Grows in bunches and is most widely used in desserts. Guava--Sweet oval-shaped fruit, to be eaten raw or stewed; often used for jelly. Flesh varies from white to deep pink. Jamaican Nutmeg--Brown oval seed, covered with a thin brown shell with red lacy network, which is ground and used as seasoning.

Starapple - Fruit can be purple or green depending on the variety. When cut in half there is an attractive star pattern. The flesh is sweet and tastes very smooth and aromatic Read more:

Jamaican Otaheite Apple – Also called Malay Apple. The fruit is oblong to pear shaped with a dark red skin and white flesh; sometimes it is seedless. The plant may used as a remedy for diabetes and constipation. Read more:

Jackfruit has a hard “spiky” outside shell and the inside fruit is yellowish with a sweet taste and aroma. It contains anywhere from 100 - 500 oval seeds. Read more:

Ackee is Jamaica's national fruit. The fruit was imported to Jamaica from West Africa before 1778. Since then it has become a major feature of various Caribbean cuisines, and is also cultivated in tropical and subtropical areas elsewhere around the world. The fruit of the ackee is not edible in its entirety. Only the inner, fleshy yellow arils are consumed. It is extremely poisonous in the very center if you eat the red bits. Try it with red herring for a twist on tradition!

Jew (June) Plum - These egg-sized fruits are borne in clusters of up to a dozen or more Read more:

Passion Fruit - The nearly round or ovoid fruit, has a tough rind that is smooth and waxy and ranging from dark purple with faint, fine white specks, to light yellow or pumpkin-color. Read more:

Rose Apple - The fruits are 1 - 2 inches wide, almost round or a little longer than wide. When ripe they may be greenish or dull-yellow flushed with pink. Read more: