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  • Sondra Clarke

    How do you describe what having bi-polar is like?

  • Jennifer Hayes

    I have bi-polar and its a living HELL!!!

  • Disability Ninjas

    Sondra, I do not have bi-polar disorder so I can only describe it in clinical terms (I earned several psychology degrees before becoming disabled). I would say Jennifer's description is a pretty common one that I hear though from friends and board members though. I'm sorry you are both having a hard time! Hugs! ~Maggie

  • Judiee Blair

    It will be nice when God gets rid of all pain and suffering, when he locks Satan up for 1000 years. No one will be able to say they are sick cuz all sickness will be gone.

  • Disability Ninjas

    I'm glad you have found something that brings you comfort, Judiee! :) ~Maggie