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  • Ray Incorporated

    It is shameful that the cost of education is going up at such a ridiculous high rate. How is that a Republican's fault. No free market in education.

  • Stop Democide&HR2847

    Both can bee seen as reducers of crime. Even if every law abiding citizen was trained to be a tactical officer and can suppress crime, the thing that caused it (often poverty & lack of services) is still there. Why build multiple dams down stream when you can build 1 up stream?

Sadly true

  • Cathy Allen

    I hope this guy puts his money where his mouth is, and buys only American made products, grows his own food and slaughters his own cattle! After all, just about every thing you purchase now a days, is sold in a store where someone had to work! Let's not forget about the medical facilities, they work all holidays!