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You're Americans- Act Like It!

Debbie Wasserman Schultz Says It’s ‘Unfair’ to Ask About Obamacare Numbers Right Now | Video |

Dead U.S. Soldier in Mogadishu - I want every American to see this photo! These are the people we were sent in to help. This is how they show their appreciation.... (by cliff1066™, via Flickr)

History is proven to repeat itself. Pay attention and be brutally honest, does any of this sound familiar to you? Yes it does! So my fellow American, what are you going to do about it?

American apathy is killing us.

We the people don't think so, Mr McCain. Why don't you try following the American people rather than B Hussein O? Or did you come up with that together at DinnerWithBarack?

BREITBART: "The Republican Establishment are now joining the media in toxifying Cruz INSTEAD OF aiding his righteous fight by explaining to their media pals and the American people just what exactly it is he is fighting for. This, even though the polls show the public is with Cruz in opposition to ObamaCare. Apparently, though, the Establishment only sees an opportunity to protect their shrinking turf.” To read more, click on picture.

Republican Senator Ted Cruz from Texas is standing with the American people, but who is standing with Sen. Cruz?

Cruz excoriates his fellow Senators: “You know, it is fascinating how many politicians in Washington think this isn’t even worth our time. Mr. President, I will point out, as is usually the case, almost always the case, the Senate floor is largely empty. Everyone’s schedules are apparently busy enough that standing up, coming together to stop Obamacare doesn’t make it onto the priority list. We ought to have all 100 Senators on this floor around the[..]9/23. ... We're with you, Senator Cruz!

Senator Ted Cruz