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Heather Dunagan
Heather Dunagan • 2 years ago

Union poster, 1863: Men of Color - To Arms! (The Emancipation Proclamation authorized the enrollment of black troops. Altogether, 186,000 black soldiers served in the Union army and another 29,000 served in the navy, accounting for nearly ten percent of all Union forces and 68,178 of the Union dead or missing. Twenty-four African Americans received the Congressional Medal of Honor for extraordinary bravery in battle) #CivilWar

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Recruitment posters like this broadside were used to convince men to enroll in the union army during the Civil War.

US Civil War Infographic poster. Yet another mistake regarding Missouri. We were 'technically' in the Union but simultaneously had an Confederate government and supported the Confederacy. Most people in SW Missouri were CSA sympathizers. Missouri fielded regiments for both sides of the war, not just Union, not to mention the Bushwhackers, which were another entity entirely.

Four African American Men during U.S. Civil War

Union Pacific's Round-Ups by paul.malon, via Flickr

Union armies mercilessly pursued Booth and a co-conspirator through the woods surrounding Baltimore and across the Potomoc into Virginia. They eventually cornered him a locked farmhouse at the Garret Farm. Booth was shot dead by a rogue officer when he refused to emerge from the burning farmhouse - Americans desperately wanted to see the murderer of their beloved President tried and punished.

World War 2 Poster (American)

World War 2 Poster (American)

World War 2 Poster (American)

A woman born into slavery. Though the Union victory freed the nation's 4 million slaves, the legacy of slavery continued to influence American history, from the tumultuous years of Reconstruction (1865-77) to the civil rights movement that emerged in the 1960s, a century after emancipation.