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A world without Muslims would be terrible

  • TootsiBlueShoes

    Thank You for posting this.

  • Alex van der Vlies

    you are mixing up a few things

  • TootsiBlueShoes

    Oh , please tell us, Alex? It's best to have these things set right.

  • Alex van der Vlies

    Not all Arabs and Persians were Muslims and some things mentioned here, are older than the Koran itself which was written from 610 till 623.

  • TootsiBlueShoes

    Yes, I understand that. One of our dearest friends is Persian and he is Parsi (Farsi?) .... Please forgive my ignorance here, I always thought it was Farsi but my husband says its "Parsi" and either way I'm still not certain of the spelling. Its a very beautiful religion none the less. He is the kindest and most generous Man I know, and We've been friends for 35 years. He cannot destroy any life- including mosquitos. To him all life is sacred.

rape culture

How to solve all the conflicts of the world…

This is Jana, one of the "terrorists" currently under attack by the Syrian government, the UN, NATO, and Obama's drone strikes. The reason I pinned this is because we are currently starting drone strikes against Syria. Not their government. "Terrorists" there. She is the face of millions of those governments attack with their drones.

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Women hold the key in developing countries to a better society |